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Surfactant Analysis

Alfa Chemistry is a major surfactant analysis service provider for the consumer goods and surfactant manufacturing industries. Customers can get full surfactant characterization from Alfa Chemistry.

Surfactant, or surfactant, is a chemical that may actively adsorb at the liquid-gas interface and other interfaces, lowering the surface tension of its dissolving medium and the interfacial tension with other phases. Surfactants diminish liquid surface tension by spontaneously spreading on the liquid's surface.

Surfactant analysis and testing are areas in which we excel. Our surfactant analysis capabilities range from simple tests utilizing a single technique to multi-technique agreements.

Learn About Our Expertise

Alfa Chemistry employs the most current instruments to analyze the identification and quantification of surfactants in final products, intermediates, and residues in a cost-effective and accurate manner. For the separation, identification, and quantification of various sample matrices surfactant, our liquid separation laboratory is equipped with ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) instruments.

Surfactant Analysis

Our surfactant testing capabilities include the following:

  • Composition analysis of anionic, cationic, and nonionic surfactants
  • Surfactant identification and quantification in detergents
  • Surfactants in detergents and other consumer items are identified and quantified
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate quantification
  • Characterization of surfactants used in the manufacturing process (i.e. raw materials)
  • Surfactants in commercial products identified for reverse engineering

Learn About Our Analysis Technology

NMR, mass spectrometry, LC-MS, HPLC, and GC-MS are only a few of the techniques used in surfactant testing. One or more approaches can be utilized depending on the nature or concentration of the surfactant.

Surfactant compositions containing dozens of components in widely varied amounts necessitate a multidisciplinary approach. A coordinated method combining extraction, separation science, and spectroscopy may be necessary.

Alfa Chemistry has extensive experience in the surfactant industry, having worked for ICI and other significant surfactant companies. A combination of NMR and MALDI, which combines chemical specificity and absolute quantification, is the most widely used standard approach.

Surfactant Identification and Quantification

When you collaborate with us, our experts will first meet with you to discuss project goals and gather any relevant product information. Background knowledge about the product can substantially aid in the identification of surfactants and cut down on project time.

Surfactant Identification and Quantification

Our experts will collaborate with you and internally to devise the most effective strategy for identifying the surfactants of interest and selecting the best technology for the job. To help you manage project expenses, only the most appropriate technology will be employed in the project.

Alfa Chemistry will be in touch with you throughout the surfactant analysis process to make sure your project objectives are accomplished. You will be able to decide whether your needs have been fulfilled and whether additional testing is required to meet your needs throughout the project. The final outcome will be a high-quality surfactant analysis. Please contact us or get a quote to discuss your testing needs for a complete list of our testing services.