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Contamination Detection and Analysis

Alfa Chemistry Dispersant Analysis Laboratory tests, analyzes and characterizes dispersant and surfactant chemicals, additives and materials. Contamination monitoring is included in our dispersant and surfactant testing and analysis. To minimize downtime, preserve customer confidence, and assure quality and safety, Alfa Chemistry offers experience in contamination testing, detection, analysis, troubleshooting, and resolution.

The Significance of Pollution Surveillance

The important steps in resolving suspected contamination of products and processes include contamination testing, detection, identification, and analysis. Contamination concerns might lead to extremely delicate circumstances. During this time, significant resources are devoted to checking samples and/or sites, identifying pollutants, tracking down their source, and resolving issues, because the problem could jeopardize your product's safety and have an impact on your business. Your reputation as a manufacturer, leading brand, or distributor may be harmed by the performance of your products.

Contamination Detection and Analysis

Pollution can come from a variety of sources and can take many different forms. It can appear as particles, fibers, impurities, gels, discolouration, turbid or opaque substances, stains, metal fragments/metal and trace chemicals, degradation products, surface residues, reaction by-products, and catalyst residues in a variety of industries.

Concerning Our Testing Abilities

Our pollution testing experts provide strategic responses to pollution incidents, including rigorous risk assessment methods and investigation insights, with a focus on accurately identifying the nature of pollutants, determining their sources, and quickly resolving them using key technologies such as spectroscopy and microscopy surgery.

To quickly understand pollution problems, we detect, isolate, and identify suspicious contaminants down to trace and ultra-trace levels, and we are generally experienced in handling a variety of sample types, including liquids, solids, gases, surfaces, powders, and particles, metals, polymers, formulated chemical products, silicones, greases, lubricants, detergents, organic and inorganic materials, and metals, polymers, formulated chemical products, silicones, greases, lubricants, detergents.

We understand that time is of the utmost importance in any pollution scenario. As a result, we place a premium on quick problem resolution, long-term solutions, and customer support in a variety of manufacturing departments, products, and markets.

Our laboratory is staffed by professionals with years of experience in the field. They provide unbiased expert resources to help you address challenges using a number of established advanced analytical methodologies.

advanced analytical methodologies

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