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Alfa Chemistry provides customized global high-efficiency chemical sampling services for customers. With our dedicated sampling team, we can reply swiftly and provide stock samples as soon as possible, ensuring that they arrive at your laboratory precisely when you need them.


Using our QC laboratory and experienced chemists, we are able to test all products and provide chemical sampling services upon request. Our sampling services include:

  • Next day delivery
  • Save logistics costs
  • Risk assessment
  • Reserve sample
  • Completely confidential
  • Various packaging sizes
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous sampling
  • Access to extensive lab equipment
  • International standard QC testing and sampling
  • Pre-production laboratory verification

Once the samples are tested, we can arrange the transportation of the rest of the goods.

sampling services

Currently, our state-of-the-art warehouses and distribution centers strategically positioned in various areas have processed millions of chemical sample orders. We handle everything in the chemical sample process, from order processing to labeling to material handling to inventory management and customer reporting, using the latest distribution logistics technologies and our own software system.

  • Order Entry

We will take it from here. When the product is delivered, it is entered into the most advanced tracking and processing system available. Because we exclusively manufacture chemical samples, we supply samples to ensure the highest level of quality control in the business.

  • Inventory

Never again will you have to be concerned with inventory management. Allow Alfa Chemistry to take care of your storage needs. For that specific chemical, the product will be stored in a temperature-controlled or isolated hazardous area. As needed, we can store flammable, oxidizer, clean room, refrigerated, or frozen items.

  • Packaging

The product is packaged in a sample container that meets the appropriate specifications. The label includes the company name, logo, text, and batch number.

  • Order Processing

You can now place orders for chemical samples via our secure website. Orders can also be placed via email or through our client's website.

  • Freight Logistics

Alfa Chemistry transports chemicals both domestically and internationally. All items adhere to the applicable transportation requirements. For the delivery of small-package chemicals, our staff has undergone training and certification. All essential documentation and labels are provided by us.

  • Reporting

Every stage of the process is explained to the customer. All necessary information will be sent to our database once the order has been despatched.

Why not outsource all your sampling and let us handle the headache of stock management, packaging and fast delivery to your customers? Please contact us to discuss your needs.